Do I Keep 100% of the Compensation for a Personal Injury Claim?

Before instructing our personal injury solicitors**, we will inform you fully of the feeing arrangement that best suits your claim. We operate a no win no fee* arrangement and if applicable to your case you will only pay a percentage of your compensation award if your claim is successful. If your claim is, you don’t have to worry about paying your solicitor**. Obviously we cannot provide our services for free, so you won’t keep 100% of the compensation, but you will receive the vast majority of it.

How Much Compensation Do I Keep in a No Win, No Fee Case?

In a no win, no fee* arrangement were not applicable we would inform you of the reason for that and provide you with various options as to how our fees can be met. What is important is that the maximum compensation you are entitled to is achieved. You can instruct us with confidence that we will do so on your behalf and in an open, transparent and professional way.

To cover legal expenses and time, our solicitors can charge up to 25% of the settlement sum on the result of a successful claim. If you are not successful, you do not pay anything. This is because we take out an after the event insurance policy if your claim has merit. That way, our costs are covered even if your compensation claim fails. This should give you even more reason to seek compensation should you suffer a personal injury that wasn’t your fault.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, contact us without delay. Call us on 0800 083 8358^. We provide our claim assessment free of charge. We’ll also provide a compensation estimate on the phone with you, so you have an idea of what you could expect to receive.

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