Claim for Injuries to your Internal Organs

If your internal organs have been injured in the last three years, and it wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation. The amount you are able to claim depends on the type and severity of your organ injury. Accident Claims Birmingham can help you claim the personal injury compensation you are entitled to. Our compensation guide outlines the levels of compensation for some of the most common types of organ damage.

Compensation For Internal Organ Injuries

Organ injuries can be difficult to categorise and quantify, Often special medical advice and treatment are necessary. Most of these awards relate to industrial disease as opposed to personal injury, although injury can also be the cause.

These awards will be affected substantially by age, scarring, the ability to work, the effect on the sufferer’s social life and the resultant life expectancy.

Compensation for Chest Injuries

£66,000 – £98,500

This level is appropriate where there is total removal of a lung and/or damage to the heart. There is normally also prolonged pain and permanent scarring.

£43,000 – £66,000

This level of compensation will be awarded where there is traumatic injury to the lungs and/or heart which results in permanent damage, disability, and a reduction in life expectancy.

£20,500 – £36,000

This bracket applies where there is damage to the lungs causing some ongoing disability.

£8,250 – £11,800

This will be awarded for tissue injuries which have no permanent effect on the lung itself.

£3,500 – £8,250

In cases of smoke/toxic fume inhalation, this will be an appropriate award. There will not normally be any permanent effect.

£1,450 – £3,500

These cases will involve injuries to the chest/lung from which a full recovery is made.

If you or a loved one has suffered the injuries described above, and someone else is to blame, contact us today.

Kidney injuries

Compensation for Kidney Injuries

£111,000 – £138,000

Serious damage to, or loss of, both kidneys.

Up to £42,000

This will be awarded where there is a ‘significant risk’ of future urinary tract infection or loss of the kidney’s natural function.

£20,250 – £30,000

Loss of one kidney with no damage to the other.

Compensation for Bowel Injuries

Up to £98,500

If there is total loss of natural function and dependence on colostomy, this will be the level of award. Age is taken into consideration here.

£29,250 – £45,750

In cases of severe abdominal injury which impairs the function of the bowels and necessitates temporary colostomy, this will be the level of award. There may also be restriction on the types or levels of employment and on the diet.

£8,250 – £16,000

This level of compensation is appropriate where there is some permanent damage but normal function eventually recovers.

Compensations for Bladder Injuries

Up to £92,000

This will be considered appropriate where there is complete loss of function and control.

£42,000 – £52,500

This level of compensation will be awarded where there is serious impairment of bladder control and some associated pain and incontinence.

£15,400 – £20,500

In these cases there will be some long-term interference with natural function, but there will be an almost complete recovery.

Compensation for Hernia Injuries

Hernias can be common injuries among manual professions. If you have been injured at work, click here for more information.

£9,750 – £15,850

For this to be considered appropriate, there will be continuing pain and/or limitation to the enjoyment and participation in physical activity, sport and work.

£4,600 – £6,000

If the hernia is a “direct inguinal hernia” and there is some risk of recurrence, this will be the appropriate award.

£2,200 – £4,850

This is the level of award for an uncomplicated inguinal hernia with no associated injury or permanent damage.

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