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Air Ambulances buy training dummies

Posted in: Medical Negligence Personal Injury 

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Service have purchased three life-like dummies to improve training for its paramedics.  Two of the dummies are mannequins of adult males, while the other is that of a four-week-old baby.  Costing a total of £40,000 – to be used in both indoor and outdoor lessons – they hope to teach the core skills of airway, breathing, cardiac and circulation management.

With functions as developed as eye movements – such as pupil dilation – breathing, abnormal breathing sounds and vascular access, Consultant Farhad Island believes that: “by having a mannequin that can breathe and talk and has body bits that function like a human we can make it as real as possible.”

Can teach life-saving procedures

One of the mannequins, SimMan, also has a pair of lungs, which are breathing inside.  This allows paramedics to practice situations such as car accidents, whereby a patient may have trauma to the chest – causing pressure to build up outside the chest.  This then requires decompression, which can be done by using a needle to pop the chest: a life-saving procedure, or they may have to perform a small surgical operation.  Having the ability to practice this – as obviously real people can’t be used here – allows paramedics to perform more efficiently in high-pressure situations.

The other dummie ‘Crash Kelly’, a more rhobust model, has been created for more difficult scenarios – such as a patient being trapped in a car.  The head and body of Crash Kelly are easier to move about.

The third dummie, newborn baby Anne, has been designed to teach the resuscitation of a baby: something that cannot be taught otherwise.

The charity said that the dummies have been a very worthwhile investment.


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