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BA passenger sues over whiplash

Posted in: Public Transport Whiplash Injuries 

A man that had been waiting to travel on a US bound flight when a rucksack fell from an overhead locker is suing British Airways. 45-year-old Wayne Herbert, a writer from north London, said that he suffered severe whiplash injuries after a heavy bag, which was containing a laptop, fell on his head as the plane waited to take off.

Mr Herbert claims that he suffered severe injuries as a result of the incident on 28 October last year. He stressed that he continues to suffer with anxiety, and believes that he should be compensated for what happened. It was heard that the people waiting to be seated in the row behind him were trying to push too many luggage items into the overhead lockers, forcing one of the bags to fall on him. He was immediately taken off the plane, where he received medical treatment by a paramedic. It was heard that he did not require hospitalisation and was put on a morning flight the next day.

Failed to make sure he ‘got home comfortably’

Mr Herbert is suing British Airways on the basis that they did not handle his situation properly and professionally. He said that there was a huge delay in confirming his rescheduled flight, and they failed to make sure that he ‘got home comfortably’.

BA originally offered Mr Herbert air miles in compensation, then a payment of £500, which he branded “derisory”. He stressed: “I’m still suffering anxiety — this is an ongoing injury.  The staff certainly were not checking what people were doing and I’m suffering as a result.

A similar incident happened on a British Airways flight last month, which saw a man collapse and be taken to hospital after a bag fell onto him.

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