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‘Back to basics’ for Northern Lincolnshire hospitals

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Following the array of issues recently highlighted across many NHS trusts; the government has put eleven under ‘special measures’.  One of these trusts, the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has reacted to this by launching a ‘back to basics’ plan for their patients.

The review that NHS England’s medical director, Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, carried out highlighted numerous worries within this particular trust – in Goole, Grimsby and Scunthorpe. The review recognised “inadequate staffing levels”, a poor system regarding medical staff recruitment, and “concerns regarding hydration and feeding”.

Volunteers assist on wards during meal times

The trust’s chief executive, Karen Jackson, said that she was making big changes and “taking action on the points raised”.  Part of this ‘back to basics’ concept involves improving water availability to patients: previously, patient would have to wait for a nurse to bring water.  Now, drinking tubes have been installed that allow patients to drink whenever they choose.  Furthering this, the trust is also piloting a new method in more effectively feeding patients.  They are trialing the assistance of volunteers to help on wards at meal times – allowing patients to be fed consistently on time.

Ms Jackson said: “What [the report] has allowed us to do is to take more swift action, to be very clear about our action plans and to tighten them where they need tightening.

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