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Bolton pays out more than expected

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New figures have found that Bolton Council has paid out more compensation to injured school pupils than first expected.  It was reported in April that a total of 16 claims had been made as a result of playground injuries, each receiving a share of £150,000.  However, recent figures have revealed this not to be the case, as the figure did not account for injured school staff and visitors.  This led to a far larger compensation figure paid out by the council. 

The new figures found there to have been an additional 27 payouts during May 2009 and April 2014.  These were claims made by injured staff and visitors, claiming for injuries such as slips, trips and falls.  This brought the entire payout cost to £257,458.

£37,947 to staff member

A report found that neighbouring Bury only paid out half of this total figure to claimants.  The largest payout received by an individual in Bolton, excluding pupils, was £37,947 to a member of staff after slipping in May 2009.  Bolton Council has refused to provide details about the incidents that they issued compensation for.

Bolton Council said that in relation to the number of people employed and at school in the area, the number of claims are in fact fairly low.  A spokesman from the council said: “Safety is obviously a priority and we advise and work with all our schools closely to try and keep accidents to a minimum.

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