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Cancer patient left on a trolley for 12 hours

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Concerns have been raised after a terminally ill patient was left on a trolley in the accident and emergency department of Leicester Hospital because of a ‘bed shortage’. Hilary Gilhooley suffered from cancer in her spine and lungs and arrived at the hospital after becoming seriously ill.  She then spent 12 hours on a trolley, despite needing a specialist bed for her condition.

Michael Gilhooley spoke about the treatment of his wife earlier this week, saying how “angry” he is at the way in which she was cared for. Hilary Gilhooley sadly died from her cancer on the 14th of September at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, with Mr Gilhooley asking: “what would have happened if Hilary had died on that trolley?

“In a lot of pain”

Mr Gilhooley issued a formal complaint regarding the incident to the hospital, specifically highlighting the fact that his wife required a specialist air mattress for her condition. He said that his wife was “in a lot of pain and she was very distressed”.

A spokesman for Leicester Royal Infirmary said that the hospital had only been built for around 100,000 annual patients, but that because of an increase in demand, they are currently treating around 160,000 a year. He added that this September, the month in which Hilary Gilhooley died, was the busiest month for the accident and emergency department in the last seven years. The hospital has recruited many new nurses and two new consultants in an attempt to help tackle the problem.

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