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Children contract condition at zorbing party

Posted in: Public Place Accidents 

Environmental Health officials have been called in to investigate a leisure pursuit activity after some eight children attending a zorbing party contracted a condition known as folliculitis. The children, from Gloucestershire, had been at the party on Saturday, and since the party, some children have manifested symptoms of ill-health leading to the investigation. The symptoms are a rash on the skin, and according to the NHS website, Choices, is described as an infection of the hair follicle. This infection manifests itself as a pus-filled lump which becomes itchy.

“zorbs were harbouring harmful bacteria”

Natalie Stephens-Oakley, mum of seven-year-old Daisy, confirmed that Daisy was one of the party-goers.  She stated that her daughter, who is generally “fit as a fiddle”, had been feeling unwell since the party.  She said that: “It is alleged that the zorbs were harbouring harmful bacteria”.

Zorbs are balls that are inflatable and that people can fit inside. The balls, which are somewhat like a hamster wheel, can bounce off each other and allow participants to bounce off each other without sustaining injuries, in theory. However, it has been ascertained that the cleaning of the inside of the balls was not to an acceptable standard, allowing bacteria to multiply and then affect participants.

The organisation running the attraction, Aspire Leisure Trust, set up in 2008 by Gloucester City Council to deliver sport and leisure services, has apologised to the families, stating that: “We are working with environmental health to investigate what has happened”.

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