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Companies fined after driver dies in roadworks

Posted in: Road Traffic Accidents Wrongful & Accidental Death 

Two companies have been ordered to pay a total of £650,000 in fines and costs after a member of the public was killed in a collision in roadworks on the A50 near Uttoxeter.

William Collins was driving along the westbound carriageway at around 4am on 25th November 2007 when he failed to negotiate a bend at a road closure and collided with a stationary flatbed lorry owned by the company responsible for the traffic management associated with the works. The father of two died at the scene from multiple injuries.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that the traffic management was unsuitable as it was not clear that the road ahead was closed.

The HSE investigation also identified that the company failed to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment, and a second company, which was responsibile for managing the road works, had failed to properly assess the risk assessment or that the system being proposed was adequate.

Both companies have lodged an appeal against conviction.


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