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Compensation cost police force tens of thousands

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New figures have revealed that in the last year alone, Humberside Police force have paid out tens of thousands of pounds in compensation for workplace injuries. Since May of last year, a total of 13 employees won compensation for various accidents and injuries. Humberside Police paid out a total of £55,270 to these claimants.

The biggest individual payout went to an officer who developed a back condition as a result of sitting on a faulty office chair. They won £16,000 in damages, but the force had to pay an extra £28,444 in legal costs. The new figures found that the force paid out an extra £91,892 in legal fees, amounting to £147,162 paid out by Humberside Police in the last year.

“Mental anguish”

A further claimant received £10,000 in compensation after suffering “mental anguish” because he was not provided with support after reporting two other officers for misconduct. Another officer won £4,800 after slipping on ice and breaking their arm, while another received £5,748 for breaking their toe after a table was dropped on their foot.

A spokesman for Humberside Police said: “In some areas of policing there is a risk of injury and harm to staff, and anyone who sustains injuries in the course of their duty should be entitled to compensation.

Since 2010, the force has paid out £266,141.52 to 55 claims made by officers and staff.

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