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Doctors misdiagnosing 30,000 brain injury cases a year

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Recent research suggests that doctors are misdiagnosing thousands of patients a year who suffer with chronic pain and fatigue. While doctors continue to diagnose them with psychological problems, research suggests that they are in fact suffering from a form of brain damage. Patients affected by chronic pain and suffering are being denied blood tests, which would quickly pinpoint the actual issue. This has resulted in thousands of patients being treated ineffectively every year and living a life of misery.

Research has found that the major cause of this form of damage is brain injury, which can be relatively mild.  Viruses, tumours and even animal bites have also been recognised as potential triggers.

70% of patients believe treatment to be ineffective

Currently, doctors are informing people affected by this condition that they have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) after all physical causes have been ruled out. With treatment consisting of psychotherapy, antidepressants and exercise – 70% of patients have argued that this treatment is ineffective.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence was considering including the condition – Post-Traumatic Hypopituitarism – in the guidance for doctors treating head injuries. However, the guidance publication was released in the Spring with no mention of the problem, meaning that patients continue to go misdiagnosed.

Studies found that between 18,000 and 30,000 patients suffer with this condition every year. Treatment involves lifelong hormone replacement therapy – a highly effective but costly procedure.

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