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Government “chasing headlines” on NHS

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According to the British Medical Association, the government has been “chasing headlines” on the NHS instead of actually tackling the real issues. The doctors’ union published a review of the government’s first 100 days in office, suggesting that ministers chose to alienate doctors instead of actually facing any of the NHS’s problems head-on. The review was released after Jeremy Hunt announced plans for seven-day working.

The review highlighted a number of headline-grabbing announcements made by ministers in their first 100 days in office, leaving several questions unanswered. These include talks of addressing the current recruitment crisis in healthcare, and how the deficit facing the NHS in England would be addressed.  The BMA has also criticised the government for suggesting seven-day working, yet with no plan on tackling the lack of hospital services, which would be required to accommodate this change.

“out of touch with patients”

Ministers responded to this review, arguing that the BMA is clearly “out of touch with patients”. A statement made by the Department of Health noted that the chancellor had pledged an extra £8bn a year for the service by 2020, and the secretary of state had drawn-up a new deal for GPs.

BMA council chair Dr Mark Porter insisted that these were purely empty headlines. He said: “The public has been treated to a slew of unrealistic headline-grabbing promises of thousands more GPs, but no detail”.

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