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Hospital faces numerous compensation claims

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A hospital in Somerset currently faces numerous medical negligence compensation claims from patients that believe their eyesight to have been damaged by surgery performed by a private provider. Vanguard Healthcare, based at Musgrove Park Hospital, had been carrying out cataract eye surgery on patients to help the trust clear its backlog of patients waiting to receive eye treatment. As a result, around half of those that underwent surgery have complained of damaged eyesight.

A lawyer said that half of the 62 patients who underwent surgery suffered sight problems afterwards. His client is an 84-year-old man who is now completely blind after his cornea was damaged during the procedure. The solicitor said: “He needs a cornea transplant, and it’s been absolutely disastrous for him.

Highly qualified surgeons

Only four days after the hospital trust appointed Vanguard to clear the backlog of eye patients, operations were pulled to a halt.  It quickly became clear that “technical issues” had arisen.

The chief executive of Vanguard, Ian Gillespie, said that they are greatly sympathetic for the “discomfort and distress” caused to their patients. He assured patients that all surgeons involved were highly qualified and approved by the hospital. The source of these complications is currently being investigated.

The Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust said that they could not comment while a Care Quality Commission investigation was underway.

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