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Hospital maintenance staff exposed to asbestos

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A recently released report has found that maintenance staff at a leading cancer hospital, the Christie hospital in Manchester, were exposed to dangerous airborne asbestos levels. Asbestos Contracting Limited (ACL) carried out the review after it was commissioned by the hospital. It made a number of worrying findings, which included the fact that around 20 members of hospital staff were exposed to the toxic fiber.

After the review was completed in August, it gave evidence for several failings. It stated that the Christie had failed to comply with Control of Asbestos Regulations, the hospital’s asbestos registers (which monitor the material in hospital buildings) were inaccurate as a result of being out of date, previous asbestos removal works had been of an inadequate standard, the procedures to manage asbestos risks were insufficient, and, as a result, a number of maintenance staff were exposed to the fibre unknowingly.

“It is appalling”

Unite regional officer Keith Hutson said: “It is appalling that these workers have been exposed to the cancer-causing substance, especially as they were exposed in the world-renowned cancer hospital.”

The hospital claimed that it has been working with independent advisors over the past 18 months to improve health and safety standards and the Health and Safety Executive “accepted the Trust has made good progress”. Where the individuals have lodged claims over the findings, compensation is not an available option until there is evidence of any recognised injury or illness.

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