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Hospital pays out to brain-damaged boy

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Torbay Hospital in Devon is to payout £2.17million in compensation after a boy suffered severe brain-damage during his birth.  The child suffered the brain-damage in 2004 due to his brain being starved of oxygen during labour. As a result, the High Court ruled that he is to receive a lump sum of £2.17m and £189,500 per annum until he is twenty. The annual payment will then increase to £232,125 for the rest of his life.

Since the accident, the boy has developed cerebral palsy, is unable to leave a wheelchair, and requires around the clock care. He is only able to communicate with the assistance of technology, or by pointing with his eyes.  He is also unable to eat and has to be fed through a tube.

“Appalling misfortune”

Following the boy’s birth, his family launched a claim against the hospital trust that runs Torbay Hospital, the South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. They claimed that staff were to blame for their son’s injuries during birth, as the delay in delivery caused him to suffer a period of oxygen starvation (hypoxia) that resulted in brain damage. The trust admitted accountability and agreed to a compensation settlement.

Approving the settlement, Judge Nicholas Cooke QC said the boy had suffered “appalling misfortune” but that he had the blessing of a loving family. The family will now be able to purchase a property suitable for their son’s extensive care needs.

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