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Injured road worker awarded £8000 in compensation

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A 35-year-old road worker from Chesterfield was awarded £8,000 in compensation by his employer, Carillion plc, following a serious injury to his ankle. Dean Ness had been working night shift on an unlit stretch of the A52 at Spondon in Derby, placing traffic cones for work about to be commenced on the central reservation. He jumped out of the truck and twisted his ankle on a kerb that he hadn’t seen in the pitch dark. It was heard that this employer had been warned on several occasions of the dangers of working on the unlit location, but lighting equipment was never provided.

Unable to work for three months

Initially, Mr Ness thought that the injury was just a strain, and continued to attempt to work. However, over time, the injury was not healing and continued to cause him significant pain. He finally took medical advice and was shocked to learn that the damage to his ankle would need surgery. Following the surgery, he was unable to work for three months, at which point he decided to consult personal injury solicitors. He confirmed that he was very concerned about having to take so much sick leave and the impact it would have on his employment.

Mr Ness’s solicitors contacted Carillion who accepted liability. They agreed an out-of-court settlement of over £8 thousand.  Representatives for Mr Ness stressed that it was Carillion’s responsibility to ensure that employees were able to work in the dark safely, and as such should have provided portable lighting.  His solicitor stated: “Employers are required by law to provide suitable work equipment to its staff to ensure that they are able to carry out their jobs safely. Mr Ness was left to navigate his way from the road maintenance truck onto the ground in complete darkness. It’s no surprise that he ended up with a serious injury to his ankle”.

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