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Injured war veterans’ care costs spark call for funding

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Local authority leaders have called on ministers to do more for injured war veterans who are being forced to spend their compensation on social care. The Local Government Association (LGA) described the way that veterans are being treated differently dependent on when they were injured as an “unfair anomaly”. 

Compensation is determined on the following basis: if you were injured on or before 5 April 2005, councils carry out means tests to decide social care payments. However, if you were injured after the 5 April 2005, you are protected. Where social care is ‘means tested’ means that if you are financially comfortable, you may have to pay a percentage, or all of, your care costs. War veterans that were injured in service before this date receive the War Disablement Pension – money from which is taken into account in means tests. This means that veterans can be left in a position where they have to use this money to pay for their care.

“full, fair support and care”

Military personnel injured after 5 April 2010 are protected through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, which can’t be taken into account in means tests.

LGA chairman Gary Porter said: “Additional funding is now needed so councils can provide the full, fair support and care that any of our service men and women who were injured whilst selflessly serving their country rightly deserve.

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