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Police force pays out £135,000 in personal injury compensation

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A total of £135,000 has been paid out to 27 Staffordshire Police officers between 2009 and 2013.  These figures were released under the Freedom of Information Act, which showed the largest payout to have gone to an officer for slipping on an ‘untreated’ surface – he received just under £15,000 in compensation.

One former officer described the figures as “embarrassing”, saying that police officers are simply “jumping on the bandwagon” during this time of a growing ‘compensation culture’.  The police force, however, defended the figures, saying that they have a duty of care over their staff and that they only provide compensation in cases where they have been found liable. 

Result of changes to pay and pensions

Successful claims included one PC who received £2,000 after falling on a curb in February 2012, and another policeman received £10,000 for a spinal injury suffered after slipping on ice caused by a burst water pipe in 2010. Other claims involved broken bones, whiplash, cuts, stress, and injuries related to training exercises.

It has been suggested that the increase in personal injury claims from police officers could be the result of the changes made to their pay and pensions, causing them to seek monetary support in other ways.

Andy Adams, chairman of the Staffordshire Police Federation, said: “Some of the claims are a bit bizarre … But for officers injured performing an arrest, on a high speed pursuit or similar incidents, then I’ve absolutely no problem with that.

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