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Police payout £940,000 in compensation

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New figures have revealed that Devon and Cornwall Police have paid out £940,000 in compensation in the space of three years. The figures looked at payouts made between 2010 and 2013, with £847,000 having gone to members of the public, and £91,300 to injured officers. The largest payout was £75,000 to a member of the public following an assault by an officer in 2010.

These figures come after it was announced that the force is due to face cuts of £30m over the next four years. The force defended the compensation payouts, saying that compensation had only been issued when the force was “clearly liable”.

“The force will identify any lessons … to prevent reoccurrence”

Police officers made claims against the force for issues ranging from defective, and subsequently dangerous, equipment, to general slips, trips, and falls. A force spokesperson said: “Once a claim has been concluded, the force will identify any lessons that can be learnt so that systems can be put in place to prevent the reoccurrence of any situation which may have undermined public confidence in the force.

Other payouts included £7,800 to a member of the public that was bitten by a police dog, and £2,600 to another member of the public as a result of harassment. 2011 saw the lowest figure paid out to the public, at £144,466, whereas 2010 saw the highest figure at £292,408.

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