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Prostate surgeon under investigation

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A Birmingham-based surgeon has been dismissed after a total of 170 men had their prostates removed, some for no clear reason. Dr Arackal Manu Nair, who once appeared on the television programme Embarrassing Bodies, recently resigned after strict restrictions were placed on his work by the General Medical Council (GMC) following numerous concerns. A worrying number of male patients allege that Mr Nair removed their prostate for no apparent reason.

One case saw a patient have his prostate removed despite absolutely no evidence of cancer, where another had his removed and was left incontinent and infertile. The Heart of England NHS Trust has apologised to all those affected by Mr Nair’s medical work.

Paid £12,000 for private op

One patient, a 63-year-old, was diagnosed with prostate cancer by Mr Nair and underwent immediate surgery, only to be told afterwards that he did not actually require the operation at all. Another man was also given the same diagnosis, and even paid £12,000 for private treatment to avoid NHS waiting times. Mr Nair carried out his surgery in 2012, which left him infertile and incontinent.

When the Heart of England Trust started to recognise a pattern of complaints about the surgical work of Mr Nair, hospital bosses asked the Royal College of Surgeons to carry out a private investigation. Following the results he was immediately suspended. He has been banned from carrying out any private practice work.

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