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Serious errors in boy’s heart surgery

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The family of a boy who died after serious errors were made during his heart surgery seeks answers. 11-year-old Bradley Brough, from York, died in 2010 after undergoing three operations in two days at Leeds General Infirmary. Bradley suffered with a complex congenital heart defect that required him to undergo an operation to divert the flow of blood in his heart. However, despite three operations, he died after suffering a bleed to the brain.

A letter that was composed by the hospital trust admitted that errors were made during his surgery, which led to “confused messages” being given out. They said that the errors were made during decision-making and that Surgeon Nihal Weerasena was suspended as a result.

“how truly sorry I am for the errors in care”

The letter to Mr and Mrs Brough, composed by the trust’s medical director Bryan Gill, said that experts brought in from London Children’s Heart surgery Centre identified that issues with decision-making led to the death of Bradley.  He said: “I want to say how truly sorry I am for the errors in care that have been identified by all the experts who have reviewed Bradley’s treatment in his final 24 hours.

The Hospital Trust said that an investigation into the hospital’s practice was ongoing and that the General Medical Council is also carrying out an investigation. The children’s heart surgery unit was closed in March 2013 because of safety fears.

Mr and Mrs Brough continue to fight for answers about their son’s death, saying that following his surgery they were simply “left in the dark”.

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