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Son’s anger over father’s sight loss

Posted in: Medical Negligence Negligent Laser Eye Surgery 

The son of a man who became blind after a failed eye operation is seeking information about what went wrong. A contracted company called Vanguard had performed the surgery at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton. It was found that they had been contracted by the private hospital to reduce a backlog of eye patients awaiting cataract surgery.

84-year-old Chris Newcombe, from Langport, was one of many who suffered complications as a result of cataract surgery by Vanguard Healthcare. Of the 62 patients operated on by Vanguard, 31 complained of blurred vision and swollen corneas after the surgery. The hospital terminated the £320,000 contract for 400 operations after only four days.

“Could have been prevented”

Mr Newcombe’s surgery had been carried out the day after the most senior staff at the hospital’s ophthalmology department lodged formal concerns about the work being carried out by Vanguard. Mr Newcombe’s son is now questioning the hospital on how his father’s surgery was allowed to go ahead.

Mr Newcombe is now completely blind in one eye and will require a cornea transplant to restore his sight.  His son said: “This could have been prevented if the welfare of the patients had been thought about, rather than this urgency of just getting people through.

The root of the complications is currently being investigated by the hospital. Musgrove could potentially be liable to pay out tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.

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