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Surrey groundsman receives compensation from employer

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A 65-year-old council groundsman has been awarded £11,000 by his employer, London Borough of Morden, in an out-of-court settlement. John Brown, from Mitcham in Surrey, seriously damaged his right knee after a fall whilst at work, which resulted in surgery and being forced to stop work.  Mr Brown tripped over a piece of concrete that was protruding in a playground in Morden when he was putting his tools away in the park’s shed. He tore the ligaments in his knee and was unable to walk without a stick for five months following his surgery.  He continues to experience pain in his knee and has difficulty kneeling down.

“recovery was very slow”

Mr Brown had been working for the council for 10 years when the accident occurred.  He said: “When I tripped I felt my knee go immediately, I was rolling on the floor in agony.  The pain was immense.  My initial thought was that I might be off work for a couple of days, but in fact I needed surgery and the recovery was very slow”.

Mr Brown’s representatives pointed out that he had been a loyal employee in the years he had worked with the council, and that the accident was entirely avoidable. The council had been made aware of the protruding concrete, but had done nothing to repair the hazard.

The London Borough of Morden accepted that they had known about the dangerous path, and offered to compensate Mr Brown to the sum of £11,000. The offer was accepted.

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