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Teacher wins £100,000 for injuries suffered breaking-up fight

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A Birmingham teacher has been awarded over £100,000 in compensation after suffering injuries from breaking-up a playground fight.  Figures released under a Freedom of Information Act request found that a total of £1m had been paid-out by the council to school-related claims over the last five years.  The teacher, who remains unidentified, received a total of £113,905 for the injuries he suffered putting an end to a playground fight earlier in the school year.

The Freedom of Information Act request found that many of the compensation packages paid-out by the council were for “bizarre incidents”. These included:

  • A cleaner receiving £1,750 for injuries sustained using a “defective mop”
  • A dinner lady receiving £1,500 for injuries caused by a “defective saucepan lid”
  • A worker being awarded £34,539 for tripping in a store cupboard
  • A caretaker walking away with £40,000 for a thumb injury sustained when closing a window

Birmingham City Council, (which is currently facing £800million-worth of cuts), refused to provide any further information regarding the compensation payouts. One spokeswoman said: “The health, safety and welfare of our school pupils and staff is a paramount consideration and the council prides itself on the way that safety is actively managed within our schools.

Pupil-injury payouts included £17,500 to a pupil who suffered a chemical burn in a science lesson, and another received £15,940 after breaking their arm.

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