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Trips and falls cost council over £50,000

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New figures have revealed that Norwich City Council has been forced to pay out over £50,000 in compensation to nine pedestrians who tripped and fell in Norwich last year. The City Council has defended these claims, saying that a general lack of funding is causing these issues. A council spokesperson said that if the City Hall budgets continue to fall, then pavements would obviously deteriorate as a result.

Over the last 12 months the council received a total of 49 claims involving injured pedestrians, the council, however, only defended 40 of them. Of this 40, only 9 were awarded compensation – compensation that totaled £52,427.

‘potholes, uneven slabs and manhole covers’

The previous year, 2012/13, the trust only saw 32 claims finalised, of which 26 resulted in no payment, and 6 claims did.  The six claimants each received a share of £26,887, (with the figures including legal fees).

The city council’s scrutiny committee raised the issue surrounding pavements last month. A spokesperson from the council said that the majority of claims were to do with potholes, uneven slabs and manhole covers. No claims were made about slipping on wet leaves or ice.

Over the next 12-months, a total of £92,000 is to be spent on kerbs and footways. Council officers said: “The city council will continue to work with the county council to maximise the effectiveness of any expenditure, and also to maintain or increase highway maintenance funding in the city where possible.

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