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Young girl with ‘catastrophic injuries’ dies in hospital

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A young girl that was severely injured in a car accident in 2006 has recently died in hospital; just weeks before she was due to turn ten. Cerys Edwards was only one-year-old when the car she and her family were travelling in collided with a speeding Range Rover Sport. The accident happened when they were driving home from delivering Christmas presents in November 2006.

The son of a local millionaire was driving the Range Rover at the time of the crash, 19-year-old Antonio Boparan. It was heard that he was driving more than 70mph in a 30mph zone on the wrong side of the road when the crash happened. The accident left Cerys paralysed, unable to speak, dependent on both a ventilator and around-the-clock care. Despite years of serious operations and rehabilitative care, she died at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital on Saturday, a couple of weeks before she was due to turn 10.

“the saddest case”

Mr Boparan could have faced up to fourteen years in prison had Cerys died straight after the crash, however, seeing as she survived, he was served just six months of a 21-month prison sentence after it was ruled that he was guilty of dangerous driving that caused injury. Following this ruling, a campaign was launched for tougher sentences, which resulted in a landmark law change. Now the law states that anyone that causes serious injury by dangerous driving faces up to five years in prison, as opposed to the previous maximum of two years.

2012 saw the Edwards family awarded £5million in compensation, alongside annual payouts of £450,000 to cover care costs.

Judge Martin McKenna, sitting at Birmingham County Court, described the case as “the saddest case I’ve come across”.

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