Facial Injuries Compensation Claims in Birmingham

Suffering from facial injuries can be traumatic. It often leads to a permanent and visible scar. A facial scar can leave the injured party feeling very self-conscious and suffering low mood and depression.

Awarding compensation for facial injuries takes into account several factors, including the location and visibility of the scar and the impact on the individual concerned. Burns injuries are also dealt with in this category. Serious burns injuries will almost always be at, or over, the top of the bracket.

How much compensation for facial injuries?

Skeletal/skull injuries

These vary from simple fractures of the nose with full recovery to serious fractures involving multiple surgeries and/or permanent disability in breathing.

  • Fractures of the frontal facial bones £15,500 – £24,100
  • Multiple facial fractures £9,750 – £15,750
  • Fractures of nose or nasal complex £1,125 – £15,200

Fractures of cheekbones:

£1,550 – £10,350 – These range from simple fractures from which a complete recovery is possible to multiple fractures requiring surgery and which involve some level of disfigurement.

Fractures of jaws:

£4,250 – £30,000 – These range from simple fractures to serious multiple fractures which require prolonged treatment and permanent consequences of pain when eating restriction in eating and the risk of arthritis.

Damage to teeth:

£720 – £7,500 – This depends on the placement of the teeth and the requirement for dental surgery. Front teeth attract a higher level of award.

Claim for Facial disfigurement

The law draws a distinction between male and female victims here. Women are generally awarded a higher level of compensation. Age is also taken into consideration. The psychological impact will also be taken into account.

Facial Injuries to Females:

  • Very severe scarring – £31,750 – £64,000
  • Less severe scarring – £20,000 – £31,750
  • Significant scarring – £11,800 – £19,750
  • Less significant scarring – £2,600 – £9,000
  • Trivial scarring – £1,125 – £2,300

Males suffering Facial Injuries:

  • Very severe scarring – £19,500 – £43,000
  • Less severe scarring – £11,800 – £19,750
  • Significant scarring – £6,000 – £11,800
  • Less significant scarring – £2,600 – £6,000
  • Trivial scarring – £1,125 – £2,300

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