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If you have been injured in the last three years, and it wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation. The amount you are able to claim depends on the type and severity of your injury. Personal Injury Claims Birmingham can help you claim the personal injury compensation you are entitled to. Our compensation guide outlines the levels of compensation for some of the most common types of injury.

How Much Compensation for Hand Injuries?

Your hands are among the most vitally important parts of your entire body. Injury to your hands will almost certainly result in a substantial reduction in the quality of your life, as well as your prospects of employment. The law reflects this and awards of compensation for the complete loss of the use of a hand fall not far short of the compensation for the loss of the entire arm.

Hand Injury Compensation

Total loss of use of both hands: £92,000 – £132,000

Injuries which render the hands little more than useless. If there is no prospect of an effective prosthesis, awards will be near the top of the bracket.

Serious damage to both hands: £36,000 – £72,000

Total or effective loss of one hand: £63,000 – £72,000

The upper end of this bracket will be awarded where the hand was the dominant one. This will be awarded where the hand is amputated or crushed and as such is beyond use.

Serious Hand Injuries: £19,000 – £40,650

Injuries which reduce the functional ability of the hand by about 50%. This may also be the award for amputation of part of the hand.

Less Serious Hand Injuries: £9,500 – £19,000

Moderate/minor hand injuries: £600 – £8,7000

Crushing injuries, penetrating wounds, soft-tissue injuries and lacerations. The court will take into accounts whether or not surgery is necessary and the medical prognosis.

Finger Injury Compensation Levels

Amputation of Index, Middle and/or Ring Finger: £40,650 – £59,500

This will be awarded where the above results in the hand being of little use and there is reduction in grip strength.

Severe Fractures of fingers: up to £24,100

The higher level of award will be made where there is substantial deformity or amputation is required.

Injuries to the fingers: £2,600 – £23,000

The award here will depend on which finger is injured (the thumb and index/middle fingers obviously attract higher awards), the severity and nature of the injury, whether surgery is required, the prognosis, recovery time and whether or not amputation is required.

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