Head or Brain Injury Compensation in Birmingham

Head injuries and associated brain injuries are clearly some of the most serious injuries that a person can sustain. The impact on a person`s life can be dramatic and the rest of their life will be fundamentally affected. Mobility, mood and physical capabilities can all be impacted upon. Clearly there is a range of brain and head injuries with some such injuries being less severe and having less of an impact on the sufferer`s life.

Courts have awarded damages which allow us to provide a general guide as to the range of compensation a head or brain injury in itself is likely to achieve. Each claim depends on the circumstances of the person involved and there are likely to be other aspects to a claim which do not feature in these figures eg loss of earning potential.

Brain Damage Compensation

Very severe brain damage

£185,000 – £265,000

Such injuries would leave the person profoundly handicapped with need of permanent full time care.

Moderately severe brain damage

£144,000 – £185,000

The injured person here would rely greatly on care from others and would have some insight into their injury/condition but would be serioulsy disabled. The courts consider a range of factors in determining the appropriate reward including the life expectancy of the injured party.

Moderate brain damage

There are three sub-categories here:

£98,500 – £144,000

The injured party here would suffer  moderate/severe reduction in intellect, a likely change in their personality or general mood , detrimental impact on the senses and there would be very little prospect of the person being able to work.

£59,500 – £98,500

There will be a modest reduction in intellect for the sufferer here with an associated impact on ability to work. Epilepsy may also be an issue.

£28,250 – £59,500

No need for full-time care, modest reduction in intellect and impact on mood with small risk of suffering epiliepsy.

Minor brain damage

The person here will have made a good recovery with limited consequences.

Minor head injury

£1,450 – £8,400

No or little brain injury but persons suffers perhaps from diminished concentration and headaches.


If epilepsy is a factor, or is a direct result of the injury, then the court can make an additional or a stand alone award.

Epilepsy grand mal

£66,000 – £98,500

Epilepsy petit mal

£36,000 – £86,000

The court will consider how often attacks occur and if medication can regulate the condition well or not.

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