Pelvic and Hip Injury Compensation Claims

If you have suffered either an injury to your pelvis or hip you may well be entitled to personal injuries compensation, and you should contact our solicitors** in Birmingham for more information.

You may have suffered a minor injury as a result of a fall or you may have suffered something more serious such as a fracture to the pelvis with further complications such as bleeding and infections, perhaps as a result as being involved in a road traffic accident. Common symptoms of pelvic/hip injuries include pain around the area, swelling and bruising.

How Much Compensation for a Hip Injury Claim?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to pelvic/hip injuries compensation. For example, the injury may have occurred as a result of a breach of health and safety legislation in your workplace, as a result of a road traffic accident which was caused by another party or a sports injury. In order to determine whether or not you would be entitled to compensation it is important that you contact our legal experts in Birmingham who can assist you.

Any amount of pelvic/hip injuries compensation awarded will be dependent on a number of factors, including the extent of the injury and any loss that you may have suffered as a result of the injury. It is important that you contact our personal injury solicitors** in Birmingham as soon as possible to discuss your injury and see whether or not you are able to claim pelvic/hip injuries compensation as pelvic/hip injuries can potentially change an individual’s life and have a long-lasting impact on quality of life.

As well as being able to discuss the amount of compensation that may be due, our solicitors** in Birmingham specialising in pelvic/hip injuries compensation will also be able to provide timescales as well as to ensure that the administrative burden is handled for you at what must be an already stressful and often painful time. Further, such experts will be able to guide you through the court process (if applicable) to ensure that you fully understand the process from start to finish.

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