Spinal Cord Injuries Compensation Claims

If you or someone close to you know has suffered a spinal cord injury, then you may be entitled to claim compensation, and it is important that you speak to a personal injury specialist in Birmingham as soon as possible. The compensation amount that you may be entitled to will depend on a number of different factors, including but not limited to the severity of the injury. Generally speaking, the average amount is significantly greater than most types of personal injury claim. This is due to the fact that injuries directly to the spine – over, say, a back injury – are a lot more severe and have longer lasting consequences.

Spinal Cord Injury Compensation

As well as the severity, other factors that will be considered when determining how much compensation is to be paid is what other costs have been incurred as a result of the injury. Examples include initial medical costs, as well as any future costs of ongoing treatment, rehabilitation, care, or other necessary equipment. Additionally, there may be costs related to living modifications or mobility and transportation. Further costs may also include any losses incurred as a result of time off work to recover. Or potentially future loss of earnings if the injury means that the injured party can no longer return to work or perform the same role. You should ensure that you keep a record of any costs or other financial losses or implications, and give a copy of any records to our expert injury team for Birmingham.

spinal cord injury - Injured construction worker or engineer suffering backpain in lower back area outdoor at work Birmingham

Another reason to ensure that you speak to our specialist accident claims solicitors** for Birmingham is spinal cord injury claims are a specialism of ours. We have plenty of experience in dealing with spinal injuries, which are more nuanced than other types of personal injury claims. They often include complex legal and medical processes, something that will be dealt with most efficiently by a solicitor** who has dealt with similar cases and who has access to medical experts if and when they are required.

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