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Injuries from slips, trips, and falls are easily one of the most common types we see at Accident Claims Birmingham. Slip, trip, or fall accidents are caused by a myriad of different factors and result in a wide scope of personal injuries; such as leg sprains, broken arms, back pain and even neck injuries.

Being injured from a slip, trip, or fall isn’t something to be taken lightly, especially when the accident is caused by someone else’s negligence. We’re experts in dealing with personal injury cases where you’ve slipped, tripped or have fallen in Birmingham at work, or in a public place, such as a supermarket or restaurant, for example.

Even a minor slip, trip and fall injury can have serious repercussions to one’s livelihood, considerably so where mobility is concerned. That is why our team are sworn to provide excellent customer service and empathy. We’ll keep you in the know throughout your claim, and even offer help and guidance in recovering from your injury. Our slip, trip and fall specialist solicitors** have years of experience in helping people like you get the compensation you deserve.

Main Causes of Slip Accidents

Slips normally happen in places where floors are wet or are made of an inherently slippery material. Where a slip occurs in a workplace, this is usually the result of the negligence of an employee. Like where a surface has been cleaned and not properly dried and/or where inadequate signage has been used to warn of the slippery floor. A company may be liable for accidents that happen because of this inability to follow proper health and safety procedures.

Common Causes of Trip Injuries

Similarly, where you trip over something it’s often because of an employee’s carelessness, or a lack of foresight into possible obstructions to people. For example, where building material has been left on the floor without considering walkways or cables have been hurriedly hidden away. These totally avoidable occurrences can have lasting consequences of your personal well-being and could leave you unable to work or move comfortably for a period of time.

In such circumstances, there are grounds to claim compensation, as the negligent party could be liable for not ensuring your safety.

What are Falls and Their Causes?

Falls as a term is often bundled-in with “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” but the truth is falls from heights or structures can be the most dangerous of the three. During a slip or trip, generally you descend by your own personal height, whereas a fall can be from several meters up. That’s not to down-play how serious a slip or trip might be, but at Accident Claims Birmingham, we’re surprised how little dialogue there is about the dangers of falls.

A fall can be caused by a lack of prominent signage, inadequate safety processes or faulty safety equipment, improperly risk-assessed areas of employee or public usage, to name a few. Surprisingly, fellow co-workers not paying attention when you’re in a potentially risky situation, even on a ladder, are an incredibly common cause of fall injuries – time on a job can cause complacency in people.

How do I Make a Claim for a Slip, Trip or Fall Accident?

Despite their commonality, slips, trips and falls can be tricky to bring to claim. Collecting supporting evidence for a claim may require witnesses, medical evidence and a person or organisation to hold liable – it can also be difficult to determine who that is.

There are steps you can take to improve your standing for a compensation claim. Making sure your injury is recorded in any accident book the premises may have will help. You should collect detail concerning your accident: times, the place, type of personal injury inflicted and what caused the accident. We’ll need to be able to paint the clearest picture of events surrounding the slip, trip or fall. If possible, take images in the environment, even after the fact and even if a friend or family member does it for you. Generally, the more evidence you can gather, the better.

If you have received medical care, collect medical reports concerning your injuries. Injuries like this tend to make their presence known for longer than just the accident. You should make records of ongoing discomfort, such as difficulty performing everyday tasks, or any traumatic stresses you feel. We can claim compensation for the ongoing effects of your injury.

What can we do to Your Slip, Trip, or Fall Claim Successful?

We’ve had years of experience in dealing with such accident claims successfully, gaining the best levels of compensation for those injured by slipping, tripping or falling. We can help you source evidence, ascertain who is at fault, and build a strong case for compensation. It only requires a phone call.

Bear in mind that there are limits in terms of time-frames, you need to start your claim within 3 years of the date of your accident.

Our expert solicitors** will build your case and will represent you in meetings and in court, if court action becomes essential. Fortunately, most personal injury claims settle outside of court. Settling a personal injury case involves building a strong case against the person responsible and negotiating a settlement with their legal representative or insurer.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive for my Slip, Trip, Fall Injury?

Naturally, slips trips and falls vary in cause and nature considerably, so it’s not easy to provide a reliable list of figured for compensation – doing so would be a disservice on our part. However, we can give an idea of how we calculate compensation for injuries from slipping, tripping or falling. There are two types of awarded compensation: general and special damages.

General Damages Awards

These are awarded for pain, suffering, and loss of amenity. This is where notes on your suffering or difficulty and records from your medical practitioner come into play. General damages are determined by historical compensation cases similar in the severity of injury. Knowing this, compensation for a slip, trip or fall injury can be anywhere between £1000 – £200,000. Obviously, this is up to circumstance, and explains why it is so important to seek the assistance of our personal injury solicitors** for Birmingham.

Awards for Special Damages

Special damages given for financial loss as a direct result of your injury. This includes: loss of earnings, loss of future earnings, care costs, and travel costs. The isn’t exhaustive, our specialist solicitors** will inform you of any other “heads of claim” you may be able to claim. We’re best placed to understand fully all the ways in which you have suffered loss, and how you should be compensated for it. So it’s best to call if you have any questions needing answer relating to costs from your slip, trip or fall injury.

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