What Happens When I Make a Claim for Compensation?

What is involved in making a Personal Injury claim for compensation? How do we ensure that we are achieving the full compensation for your injuries that you are entitled to? Here are the answers to these common questions.

Making a Personal Injury Claim – What You Can Expect

The first stage is for our solicitors** to determine the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life. Every case and every client’s circumstances are different and we take the time to discuss your situation with you fully to ensure that we fully understand your situation and how we  can help you.

We then move to the evidence gathering stage. We speak with witnesses, visit and examine the scene of the accident if required, obtain medical evidence and other reports as necessary all with a view to presenting such evidence in court if necessary.

Then we notify your claim to the other party involved and their insurance company. Often at this stage we can be offered immediate settlement and we negotiate and advise you on this offer. If a settlement is not offered then we continue to prepare evidence for your claim and to discuss matters with the insurance company.

Most claims are resolved before court proceedings. However if your claim was to end up in court we give you full advice and representation throughout about the procedures involved and what to expect.

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