Who Pays My Compensation for Accidents in Birmingham?

Often, injured parties can be concerned about who actually pays the compensation payments that follow on from injuries sustained. This may be because the accident has taken place at work and the person has a good relationship with their employer.

Personal Injury Compensation Through Liability Insurance

Usually, compensation is paid through an insurance policy. In relation to a road traffic accidents, we all require to have insurance to cover compensation payments in the event that we injure someone. In such situations, the insurance company will pay out.

With employers or companies such as supermarkets, or local authorities, insurance cover requires being in place to cover injuries caused to the public or employees. Employees need not fear bringing claims against their employer, as they cannot be treated differently in the workplace through raising such a claim, even if unsuccessful.

Obviously, insurers want to keep their costs down, and they will offer settlements lower than that which you might expect. They are experienced and skilled negotiators, which is why it pays to enlist the help of our experienced personal injury solicitors**. We will negotiate with them on your behalf to get you as much compensation as we can.

Insurers wish to limit costs and very will often seek to make early settlement of the claim. Such settlement figures though can be substantially lower than your full entitlement and shrewd legal guidance is required. We will negotiate on your behalf and inform you of your options at all stages.

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