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If you have suffered an injury from an accident in the last three years, you may be able to claim compensation. The amount you are able to claim depends on the type and severity of your injury. Accident Claims Birmingham can help you claim the personal injury compensation you are entitled to. Contact us for more information in making an accident claim in Birmingham.

Accident Claim Solicitors**

We have years of experience helping our clients get personal injury compensation. Whilst accidents can happen in a myriad of different ways, we find that the most common accident claims we deal with are listed below:

If your particular type of accident claim isn’t listed, don’t fret. We can help you. Most types of accident claim boil down to a simple question – has someone caused you a loss? If the answer is yes, then you should have a legitimate claim for compensation. Whilst the amount might vary, we make sure to fiercely negotiate against insurers to see that you are compensated to the full extent of the law.

Evidence for Accident Claims

To make sure your claim has real merit, we will need several things. These will include access to your medical records, which will verify the extent of your injuries. We’ll also need to gather evidence of the cause of the accident, including witness statements, police reports (if applicable) and any photography available. If you have or can get these things, then your accident claim is likely to be difficult to dispute, even if it is partially your fault.

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If you have suffered from an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact us today to see how much you may be entitled to. Our claim assessments are free, no-obligation, and we offer a no-win, no-fee* service. Call us on 0800 083 8358^. If you prefer, you can also contact us online for more information.

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