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Pregnancy and childbirth represent exciting times for the families concerned but the arrival of a new baby requires a journey that can be daunting, so it’s crucial that mother and baby are well-looked after in the run up to birth. From time to time there are complications that arise both during the pregnancy and at the time of birth. Such complications can result in extreme stress and unfortunately may lead to both short and long-term complications. If you or someone you know has either been injured during pregnancy or has a child who has been injured whilst giving birth, it may be possible that they can claim birth injury compensation and they should contact a Birmingham personal injury specialist to discuss the specifics of their situation.

Injuries Suffered at Birth – Making a Claim for Compensation

Although it is impossible to list all possible injuries that may occur at birth, examples include Cerebral Palsy and multiple sclerosis to the child or perhaps nerve or tissue damage to the mother. Regardless of the actual injury, and whether or not it has been suffered by the mother or child, if another party has been negligent and contributed to the injury it is likely that there will be compensation available. Whether it be the negligence of a general practitioner, one of the midwives, a nurse or even an anesthetist, a Birmingham solicitor** will be able to explain exactly what duty of care they have towards you and then assess whether or not there has been a breach. In other situations, the wrong diagnosis may have been made or the incorrect treatment may have been given.

Will My Claim for Birth Injury Compensation Be Successful?

As a birth injury compensation claim expert will be able to explain to you, if it is clear that the injury suffered could have been avoided and there was not a sufficiently high standard of care, it is likely that a compensation claim will be successful. The amount of compensation that will be awarded will be relative to the case and it is not possible to give an accurate estimate without further details. In order to get an estimate of how much compensation may be awarded, it is important to seek guidance from a Birmingham solicitor** and provide them with more detail about the injuries suffered and how those injuries came about.

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