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If you have been in an accident and suffered any sort of neck injury you may be entitled to compensation. Car accidents are the most common reason for people making neck injury claims. Because neck injury can result in different levels of severity the amount of compensation that may be received also varies but can be quite significant.

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Neck injury more than often affects your muscles – irrespective of whether the injury is serious or not. Some common conditions that may affect your neck as a result of an accident are whiplash, muscle strain, neck sprain, herniated disc and neck fractures. These accidents may be from car accidents or slips, trips and falls. Symptoms of the conditions mentioned include stiffness, pain, swelling, weakness and instability. In any of these circumstances the recommended course of action would be to speak to our personal injury solicitors** in Birmingham who would be able to give you legal guidance, as well as help you obtain compensation.

Ignoring any sort of damage to the neck or areas surrounding it can be dangerous as many important nerves run through it. A lot of the times neck injuries take place in conjunction with an injury caused to the shoulders or the head. Whiplash is probably seen as one of the milder injuries as a bigger shock can result in serious injuries leading up to immobility and paralysis. It is vital to seek immediate medical attention in these situations so as to avoid aggravating the injury, as it is very common in neck injuries for the pain to start a day or two after the accident has happened. In some cases there may be absolutely no symptoms at all until a few days after.

Compensation claims for neck injury, if successful, can help you cover the costs of medical attention as well any lost earnings. In most situations where damage to the neck or areas surrounding it has taken place, time consuming and expensive corrective procedures may be required. There are a number of different treatments available for neck injuries such as physiotherapy or surgery. Contacting our personal injury lawyers will help you get compensation as well as legal guidance concerning what to do next.

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